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About Let's Get Sporty

Let’s Get Sporty is a not for profit social enterprise based in Dumfries and Galloway. We provide young people with training, mentoring and employment opportunities through the delivery of sport and physical activity.

The Story of Ian Ruthven, from Trainee to Employment

Did You Know?

Let’s Get Sporty has helped support young people into the following areas of employment:

  • Police
  • Armed Forces
  • Butchery
  • Hair Dresser
  • Sports Coach
  • Student President
  • Tradesman
  • Sales Assistant
  • Teacher
  • Child Care

What Is Let's Get Employed?

Let’s Get Sporty firmly believes in providing opportunities for people to experience a diverse set of roles within sport. Once on the programme, the trainee will experience a variety of sectors within sport- sport coaching; administration; marketing; and other basic office duties.


Since we were established in 2012, 96% of our trainees have progressed to a positive destination (either education or employment). In total, our trainees have delivered over 25,000 hours of sport and physical activity throughout the region.

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Trainee Case Studies

Josh Ferguson

My journey at Let's Get Sporty began when I got in touch with the guys to discuss the possibility of doing some coaching. I was at a loose end, I wanted to join the Armed Forces and was very focused on my goal but knew by gaining more work experience I would be in a much healthier position than I was before.

I met the Let's Get Sporty team and immediately I knew I had made a good choice, the guys supported me throughout my application for the Armed Forces and I could gain a huge number of different skills and attributes through the different sports coaching I could help deliver. By working with the various classes and groups I could build up better communication skills, confidence, planning and problem solving skills to name a few.

Overall I feel that my experiences gained through the Let's Get Employed programme have allowed me to be in a fantastic position when it comes to my new role in the Armed Forces as an Aircraft Technician. This is something I have worked towards for several years and I am very excited to start my new career and I have loved working with Let's Get Sporty along the way.

Liam Fuller


My journey at Let’s Get Sporty began when I was at Dumfries and Galloway College studying a BTEC Level 3 award in sport coaching. I came across Let’s Get Sporty and their trainee programme on Facebook. I became interested when reading the aim of the programme was to give young people experience in sport.

I will always remember my first session.... Heathhall on a Thursday in front of a big class. I was so nervous. I had never experienced anything like that before. However, under the guidance of David and his team of mentors, I always had support and encouragement to progress. After a few months I felt a thousand times better and my confidence was sky high.

Further down the line, I was able to experience something I never thought was possible, sport’s coaching in the U.S.A. When offered the opportunity by David who fully funded the trip, I grabbed it with both hands. I cannot speak highly enough of Let’s Get Sporty and anyone who is interested in sport or even just wanting to get experience to pursue a different career path, Let’s Get Sporty is the way to go. Let’s Get Sporty not only improved my confidence and sport’s coaching in general but allowed me to work towards something I am very passionate about. I am now employed by Let’s Get Sporty and to be able to say that I enjoy getting up every morning to come in to work is something I am extremely grateful for.

Craig Fergusson


After graduating from the University of Stirling, I joined the trainee academy to gain welcomed experience within the sporting industry. After speaking to David, I understood what goals had to be set in order to maximise my opportunities of landing a graduate job. From my time within the trainee academy, I develop my knowledge/experiences of coaching various age groups; I coordinated and supervised holiday camps; and assisted with office duties including marketing and administration. On top of that, I received additional support in gaining a full UK Driving License, first aid and other relevant training procedures. I am now in a great position as I was recently employed by Let’s Get Sporty as a Let’s Get Mentor and office manager.

Robbie Brack

Lets Get Sporty - Robbie Brack

Robbie Brack joined Let's Get Sporty over two years ago. In this time Robbie has not only excelled within education but is now employed as a Disability Coach for Spectre. Robbie has achieved a pass in HNC Sport Coaching and Development. He is currently working towards a HND qualification. Robbie's biggest success however is the transformation in his confidence and communication skills. Robbie now has the conficdence to go and follow his dream of one day joining the Armed Forces.Everyone at let's Get Sporty is very proud of Robbie.

Tasha Humphries

Lets Get Sporty - Tasha Humphries

Tasha joined the programme over a year ago and in that time has accomplished so much. She has not only passed her HNC in Sport Coaching but is currently working towards a HND. Tasha most recently passed her driving test and this has allowed her to explore her options. She is currently applying to various universities to further her Sport Coaching career. Tasha has also benefited from improving her self confidence and as a result, has big plans for the future. Everyone at let's Get Sporty knows how hard she has worked and wish her all the best for the future.

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