Sports Ambassadors









Let's Get Sporty are pleased to announce the signing of some fantastic new Sports Ambassadors. Each Ambassador has done exceptionally well in their own sport at such high levels and it is a privilege to have them on board with us. Here's what they've had to say about Let's Get Sporty...

Grant Hanley

Norwich City & Scotland International.


Born in Dumfries.

"Learning to play sports at such a young age is vitally important, not only for health related reasons but it also has positive impacts on behaviour and social skills as well. I met some of my best friends when I first started playing sports at only 5 years old. I played all kinds of sport when I was younger and it's great to see Let's Get Sporty offering all the different types of sports they do in their classes. I would of loved turning up each week to find out what different sport we were playing each time. I'd definitely advise anyone with young kids to bring them along to a Let's Get Sporty class and experience their sessions. They look great fun."

Martyn Rice

Team Scotland & GB International Bowler.


Born in Dumfries.

"Physical activity and sport can have a positive impact upon behaviour, achievement and skill development. Through sport I developed my social skills, decision making and problem solving capabilities. Let's Get Sporty design their sessions to encourage children to develop and learn in a fun, safe environment"

Scott Steele

London Irish Scrum Half & Scotland U20 International.


Born in Dumfries.

"I'm really proud to start representing LGS and to see how far they have come in such a short space of time. 47 classes across the region for kids aged 2-12 is absolutely fantastic as well as offering Holiday Camps throughout the year as often as possible. I loved playing all sports when I was younger not just rugby. It's great to have an organisation in Dumfries and Galloway looking to improve children's participation and love for all sport and doing such a great job with it too."

Joanna Zakrzewski

World Champion and Great Britain Representative

"I was known an as 'unsporty' child whilst growing up, but luckily I've discovered various sports and challenges as an adult and only regret not having had the opportunity to try them out at a younger age. There is nothing quite like the honour of representing your country, but as a GP as well as an athlete, I see the benefits of physical activity (at whatever level) in everyday life. It is great to see Let's Get Sporty introducing more activity into people's lives, as I've found that not only does it promote health and well being, but it creates friendships and open doors to many different opportunities in life."

David Denholm

Wheelchair Athlete

"I am a wheelchair athlete, having started wheelchair sport Feb 14, I have joined the LTA Tennis Foundation British Wheelchair Development Series this year, have curled at British and Scottish Open am currently undergoing coaching badges in tennis and curling and have a desire to involve more people of all ages, ethnicity, disability or background in sport. I am a member of Dumfries and Galloway Disability Sport Regional Committee, Chair of Disability Curling in Dumfries and also,use a recumbent hand bike for fitness and endurance training although am going to do,some racing next season. Also recently appointed Vice Chair of Dumfries and Galloway Disability Sport"