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Let’s Get Sporty is a not for profit social enterprise based in Dumfries & Galloway. We provide young people with training, mentoring and employment opportunities through the delivery of sport & physical activity.We provide young people with an individualised training programme focusing on improving their social skills, employability skills and self-confidence. They work with our staff to deliver our sport and physical activity programmes throughout the region. We pride ourselves on getting young people to develop in a professional, inspiring environment delivering quality services in their local community.

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Inspiring Young People

Josh Ferguson

My journey at Let's Get Sporty began when I got in touch with the guys to discuss the possibility of doing some coaching. I was at a loose end, I wanted to join the Armed Forces and was very focused on my goal but knew by gaining more work experience I would be in a much healthier position than I was before.

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Inspiring Communities


Margaret Halliday

Let’s Get Sporty provide an invaluable service to our community as the sessions are safe and allow the children to have fun and lead a healthier lifestyle. Georgetown Community Centre has benefited from being used more and catering for large numbers of children. After school classes and holiday camps provide a great help to parents. Children can attend sessions that are age appropriate.

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